Rules of conduct on freelance platform

How to behave on various freelance platform is a personal choice of each freelancer. The behavior strategy that is not always chosen leads to success; often this results in failure. Of course, every beginner wants to become famous as soon as possible, but in the pursuit of fame, it is very easy for a beginner to make many gross mistakes. Some of these errors are typical and occur so often that, perhaps, it is worthwhile to dwell on them in more detail. Maybe this will allow some beginners to avoid any unpleasant moments.

No need to commit hasty actions

After registering on a freelance resource, you should not particularly strongly advertise your services. Samopiar thing, of course, is good, but for just created account too much activity looks suspicious. Old-timers of the exchange may perceive your actions incorrectly, as scammers and various scammers who create many fake accounts almost also behave. It is necessary to wait a bit, it is best to start active actions of the month four months after registration.

Do not demand revolutionary changes

The good proverb “They don’t go to someone else’s monastery with their charter” absolutely accurately reflects the essence of people’s communication on freelance exchanges. There are established rules by which most communicate and do not demand their change. Many newcomers, over and over again without receiving interesting orders, decide that it is not in them, but in the unjust arrangement of this resource. The louder you will be outraged, the less will be the result – usually on freelance sites success brings a benevolent attitude of the community.

No superfluous instructions

One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is the desire not to bring their point of view to others. Since the beginner does not have enough experience, and there is more than enough desire to communicate, they often get involved in discussions, the level of which is much higher than their knowledge. It is clear that nothing good comes of this – you will simply be put out as an idiot and you should not blame others too much on this. You must be especially careful with criticism – it must be strictly substantive and as benevolent as possible.

Do not be rude to your colleagues

Outrageous is an effective way to express oneself. But this is a double-edged sword. Trying to behave yourself impudently, you can face big problems. At the same time, neither the level of your professionalism nor the quality of your portfolio matters. Many may not understand the way you communicate and be rude in response. The calmer people will simply ignore you and all the steam will blow the whistle. Indeed, ignoring a freelancer is tantamount to creative death. Be always polite.

Do not inflate conflicts

Low pay, dumping, deceit – these are the topics around which heated discussions are constantly raging on any freelance resource. It is better for a beginner not to participate in them at all. However, as practice shows, it is simply impossible for many to resist this. A lot of copies are breaking around such topics, but nobody seems to have found the truth in them yet. But to make enemies – on the contrary, very many managed. Moreover, in the midst of a dispute, it’s hard to keep oneself within the bounds of decency and not to go personal. Such disputes will not lead to anything good – you are simply wasting your valuable working time. Therefore, the most important advice to beginners: do not participate in such discussions and never create such topics in the forums. This will only undermine your already not very high reputation and with a high probability, you can earn a ban.