How To Find Relevant Industry Influencers For B2B?

When you eventually find one or a group of influencers for the b2b industry which match your needs and budget, it can be a gamechanger for awareness and traffic. But the process can take time and a lot of trial and error.  

Finding influencers is hard – finding relevant ones which can be effective is even more so.

1. Do Some Research

There are a number of ways to find the relevant B2B influencers. But we are starting with the basic and easiest one. You should do some research, use Google, search top content in your niche, the best bloggers and the influencers. This practice will develop your skills to find the better influencers in any niche.

2. Monitor Your Brand

Another way is to monitor your own brand. Why? You will find out all the relevant influencers and people who have been writing about your brand. This is a very practical option which helps you find the B2B influencers in a short time. You can then connect with them for further cooperation.

3. Watch the Competitors

Every business has some competitors and they provide you some goals for your business as well. If you monitor your competitors in the same niche and industry, you will learn who their influencers are and how they got them. You can also hire the same influencers as well as meet the new people with the help of your competitors’ influencers.

4. Check Top Content in Your Niche

Who writes the most informative and engaging content in your niche? In digital marketing, a lot of people write. Not everyone has the same content quality. That is why finding the most viral and quality content is vital because it helps you find the relevant influencers in your B2B business niche. You can then reach them and start working together.

5. BuzzStream Discovery Tool

We talked about searching and finding influencers by using your own brand. That was to see who has been writing on your business. This BuzzStream tool helps you get in touch with the top influencers in every industry. It also provides you complete details of the influencers making it easy for users to approach them.

6. Moz’s FollowerWonk App

Here comes another tool which also works on the same principle. With this app, you can find and identify the influencers in your niche. The tool also provides insights into the data and reports which makes it easy to spot the top and the most relevant B2B industry influencers for any niche.

7. LinkedIn’s Advanced Search

LinkedIn is also a popular website when it comes to finding the industry influencers in any niche. It allows the user to search people and influencers using different filters and criteria. You will get a huge list of the marketers and influencers in your B2B niche.

8. Find B2B Influencers on Facebook

You should start using Facebook for finding influencers right now. This can be done by searching who has been writing and posting content in your niche. You will eventually find some interesting people who are your influencers. If you have a business website tracking  you will find who is visiting your site and pages. You can reach back out to those showing interest.

9. BuzzSumo Gold Mine

BuzzSumo a platform or app where you can find the most searched, shared and viral content in any niche. That means, finding influencers in any niche is pretty easy. You can further connect with the bloggers and influencers for your B2B niche.

10. Give a Freemium

When you know that you have the influencer to really establish your business presence, but are unsure how they will respond to your outreach, create a freemium offer. This will catch their attention and you can twist it to give them the authority.