What is process management?

BPM is the art of saving costs and time without having to compromise on process quality. As with any management task or implementation project, there will be a variety of effort and cost blocks which can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, approach and organization. BPM is a management discipline, a holistic approach to managing and improving business processes. The concept of CRM is much more than an abbreviation of customer relationship management. It is a term that can be applied to methodologies or specific software to help organize links. In this post we delve into its meaning and how it can increase the efficiency of your sales.

Reduction of waste

When you talk about waste, you talk about all kinds of them. Resources, money, time, effort, all that is essential in a company and must be assigned in an intelligent manner.  If not, the product / service can be delivered but not in the most efficient way. This will cause customer dissatisfaction, loss of money and clutter. With BPM processes are scanned and understood, making it easier to see obstacles and points of improvement. You cannot fix what you do not understand and BPM brings the best tool to understand the company process mapping.

Increased visibility and control

BPM works with tools that transform process automation into a reality.  All the previous steps, such as mapping, modeling, execution and optimization, result in processes that are so effective that they can be propagated automatically throughout the company. Process automation seeks to obtain the most optimized and efficient processes and make them automatic, reducing human contact and increasing transparency.

Cost reduction and greater profitability

If you reduce waste, you reduce costs. If you control the process more, making sure that it is not going to take an unnecessary step or some unwanted action then you increase the benefits. It’s like that, simple. The process of implementing BPM in your company may seem long and complex but in fact when all the equipment is on board and goals are set, the increase in productivity is a certain benefit.

Conclusion: Compliance and Security

One of the advantages of BPM that is sometimes overlooked is the security it brings to your company. This software tools give control to the manager and shareholders about everything that happens in the process. BPM is more than a tool, it is a methodology that if applied well can understand your company in details that you never imagined possible. By understanding, it reduces costs, increases profitability, and improves communication, as well as other benefits of management by BPM processes.It also helps companies to document and implement internal policies and controls. There is no doubt that this makes a safer, more organized and reliable company.